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The Essence of ECM

The DIRECTUM company is a software development, sales, and consulting organization focusing on Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Our key solutions are DIRECTUM (an ECM system aimed at Russian market) and Conterra (an ECM system specially designed for the United States), both targeted at helping you build a complete document management solution tailored to your individual business requirements.


Implementation of an ECM system builds out an information infrastructure that gives you central control over your corporate content ensuring secure electronic documents archive, streamlining approval process, and providing staff cooperation even outside the office. Both small and large geographically-distributed companies can gain benefits from content management initiatives.

Implementing an ECM system today has become an integral part of our life. It is essential to get success in modern business management which allows businesses to move to the next level, improve business effectiveness and clarity, cut costs, and reduce risks.

Technical Benefits

DIRECTUM ECM systems are built upon its own powerful and agile ECM platform that has been tested and proved by over 1,900 ECM clients. The development tool, named IS-Builder, provides high system scalability, customization and configuration in a quick and easy way so that you can resolve your business challenges without vendor participation.

  • Object-oriented development tool.
  • Easy customization to fit your specific business processes.
Power and Functionality
  • Simultaneous work of more than 22,000 users.
  • Quick access to more than 20,000,000 documents.
  • Solutions for large holding companies.
  • User-friendly interface (similar to Windows).
  • Web client and mobile client, applications for iPad and Surface.
  • Instructions and hints to system objects .

Flexible system architecture allows for better managing your content and resolving various business challenges

Wide Range of Solutions

DIRECTUM provides a large set of modules and solutions so that you can pick the software that will be a perfect fit for your business. You can start with basic modules to manage your electronic documents archive, and then expand services to other modules, such as Contract Management, Meeting Management, Project Management, etc.

Document Management Business Process Management Record Office KPI Management
Contract Management Meeting Management Accounts Payable and Invoice Management Financial Archive
Banking and Insurance Public Sector Holding Companies Oil, Gas, Energy

We offer more than 50 technology and integration solutions, and 20 business solutions for your business. All these solutions complement and enhance one another, providing the best outcome for our customers. This helps you implement solutions one by one and build a complete content management system without additional costs.

As an ECM market leader, we offer a DIRECTUM-based ECM system specially designed for American market. For more information about the Conterra system and its business solutions please visit


DIRECTUM is the heart of your information infrastructure. Take a closer look at it!


Choose DIRECTUM edition that better fits your business needs. Save money on your license purchase.

Not sure if you should buy DIRECTUM? Rent the system for a quarter or for a year priced just 12% or 40% of the total software cost respectively.

You can achieve the best possible ECM outcome by using our consulting and implementation services

Consulting and Implementation Services

With DIRECTUM, you can be sure you always get the best. We provide world-class implementation services by our expert staff, personal training, business process modeling “as is” and “to be”. DIRECTUM also supports all customers after the system has been implemented. We pay attention to individual consulting in key business processes upgrade, operation tests and pilot operation at the customer's.

We share our knowledge and implementation technologies with our partners which ensures effective and successful project implementation.

A wide range of services is a great benefit of DIRECTUM.

Business process analysis and optimization.

Detailed implementation plan.

Applied Development
Ideal adaptation to meet all your business needs.

Training and Certification Programs
More than 4,000 certified users a year.

New Versions
New versions with noticeable enhancements.

20 DIRECTUM technical support engineers.

Many companies have been using our system and services for a long time. Our clients are aimed at constant development of their businesses in order to meet the future business needs and improve business effectiveness

DIRECTUM Customers

Today more than 1,900 organizations in 11 branches of economics across 7 countries rely on DIRECTUM. Each and every customer gets a ready-to-use solution that fits their business needs. We also provide our customers with consulting and implementation services, customer support and further development of the ECM system.

A lot of our customers experience growth and success, which is closely connected to development of our products, company, partner network, and the whole DIRECTUM community

Company, Partners, Community

DIRECTUM is an ECM market leader. We have over 10 years of experience and constantly develop our technologies and products.

We share our knowledge and experiences across DIRECTUM global partner network. Our partners work in 110 companies serving a large number of clients from all over the world.


We also manage and support professional communities and share our ideas through social networks. Join us to contribute to system development, get useful information from our experts, professionals, and friends.

Get to Know Us Better

Let our consultants present our product to you. On a free demo of the system, we can answer all your questions. Our consultants begin by mapping your business processes so you can see that improvement has already started.

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