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Do you have quick access to employee-related documents? Does the hiring process take most of the time and involve plenty of documents?  Does your employees' data is securely protected?

As remote work has become a part of our life, digitalization of HR department is a must-have. But how to construct HR processes the way it works anytime from anywhere, the way it can be easily developed and improved?

Watch our webinar to know how to smoothly transform your HR processes into a digital format and be ready to challenges 24/7.

At the webinar experts showed:

  • How to identify the stage of readiness for HR automation in your company

  • How to choose the right digital strategy and the most relevant HR software

  • Live demo of the full-cycle HR processes management system and how it can be adapted to the needs of any organization

  • How artificial intelligence can be applied to HR processes

  • Real usage case of digital HR management in an international company

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